B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

Part I

The course structure shall be as follows:

i) Foundation Courses



Semester I
  1. English (Compulsory)
  2. Hindi, German, French (any one)
Semester II
  1. Advance English (Compulsory) 
  2. Advance Hindi, Advance German, Advance French (any one as per the option chosen in Semester I)

ii) Three Electives from the list of Electives. (any one combinations )

MTB    Management of Tourism Business

FTM    Foreign Trade Management

GPEM  Garment Production & Export Management

ABM    Advertising & Brand Management

JWT     Jewellery Design & Technology

NSS      National Service Scheme

iii) NSS/NCC/Sports/Cultural Activities (any one)

iv) Career Oriented and Skill Development Course* (any one)

*It has to be different from the Elective(s) opted for.

Part II/ Part III

The course structure shall be as follows:

i) Foundation Courses

Semester Course
Semester III
  1. Computer Applications
  2. Our Environment
Semester IV
  1. Information Technology
  2. Environmental Conservation
Semester V
  1. General Studies
Semester VI
  1. Women’s Studies

ii) Electives as opted for in Semester I

iii) NSS/NCC/Sports/Cultural Activities (any one;optional-subject to the earning of four credits in Part One)

iv) Certificate(COSD) (any one;optional-other than the one opted for and cleared in Part One)

v) Diploma and Advanced Diploma (COSD) (any one; optional-subject to clearance of the Certificate / Diploma exam at the previous level)

vi)Campus Activities

List of combinations of Electives available at the University:

Code Subject Combination
AP02 English Literature Psychology Sociology
AP03 English Literature Psychology Economics
AP05 English Literature Sociology GPEM
AP08 History English Literature Psychology
AP09 History Sociology Psychology
AP10 History Economics Psychology
AP11 History Economics Public Admin.
AP13 Economics English Literature GPEM
AP14 Economics Public Administration GPEM
AP15 Economics English Literature History
AP16 Economics Psychology Public Admin.
AP18 Economics History Political Science
AP19 Economics Public Administration Political Science
AP20 Economics GPEM CAI  
AP21 Political Science Public Administration History
AP24 Political Science History Sociology
AP25 Political Science Public Administration Sociology
AP26 Public Administration History Psychology
AP27 English Literature French Psychology
AP28 English Literature German Psychology
AP29 English Literature French GPEM
AP30 English Literature German GPEM
AP35 CAI French Mathematics
AP36 CAI German Mathematics
AP37 Psychology French CAI
AP38 Psychology German CAI
AP39 CAI English Literature GPEM
AP41 CAI Economics Mathematics
AP42 MTB History Economics
AP43 MTB English Literature French
AP44 MTB English Literature German
AP45 MTB Geography French
AP46 MTB Geography German
AP47 MTB Economics English Literature
AP48 MTB History French
AP49 MTB History German
AP50 FTM English Literature French
AP51 FTM English Literature German
AP52 FTM Geography Economics
AP53 Geography Psychology Sociology
AP54 Geography Psychology Economics
AP55 Geography History Political Science
AP56 Statistics Economics CAI
AP57 Statistics Economics Mathematics
AP58 Psychology Physical Education Sociology
AP63 ABM English Literature Economics
AP64 ABM Public Administration French
AP65 ABM Public Administration German
AP71 Psychology English Literature Physical Education
AP72 Economics English Literature Physical Education
AP73 Public Administration Psychology Physical Education
AP74 Geography Sociology Physical Education
AP75 Public Administration Sociology Physical Education
AP76 CAI English Literature Physical Education
AP77 French Psychology Physical Education
AP78 ABM English Literature Sociology
AP87 JWT History French
AP88 JWT History German
AP89 JWT English Literature Economics
AP90 JWT Geography Economics
AP91 Women’s Studies English Literature Sociology
AP92 Women’s Studies History Sociology
AP94 Women’s Studies English Literature Economics
AP95 Women’s Studies CAI Geography
AP99 History Sociology English Literature
AP100 History Sociology Public Administration
AP110 Geography Statistics Economics
AP113 Political Science Physical Education  Sociology
AP114 Political Science  Physical Education  Economics
AP115 Political Science English Literature  Physical Education
AP124 English Literature French CAI
AP129 ABM Sociology History
AP130 English Literature Sociology History
AP131 Political Science History English Literature
AP132 JWT Economics History
AP133 JWT  English Literature History
AP134 English Literature French History
AP135 Geography History Sociology
AP136 Geography Psychology History
AP137 ABM English Literature History
AP139 GPEM Sociology History
AP140 GPEM Geography History
AP141 GPEM Economics History
AP142 GPEM English Literature Sociology
AP143 GPEM Physical Education English Literature
AP144 GPEM CAI Sociology
AP145 GPEM  CAI Economics
AP147 Geography Sociology Political Science
AP148 Physical Education JWT English
AP150 History Geography Economics
AP152 JWT English Literature German
AP153 History FTM Economics
AP155 English Literature Political Science Sociology
AP156 NSS Physical Education English Literature
AP157 NSS CAI Geography
AP158 NSS Physical Education Public Administration
AP160 Economics English Literature Political Science
AP161 Women’s Studies  Public Administration Physical Education
AP162 ABM Geography Economics
AP163 ABM Geography Sociology
AP164 ABM History Economics
AP165 Economics English Literature FTM
AP166 Sociology English Literature FTM
AP167 Sociology Public Administration FTM
AP168 Publication Administration French FTM
  • MTB : Management of Tourism Business
  • FTM : Foreign Trade Management
  • GPEM : Garment Production & Export Management
  • ABM : Advertising & Brand Management
  • JWT : Jewellery Design & Technology
  • CAI : Computer Applications& Informatics
  • NSS : National Service Scheme

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