Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)

The aim of this newly introduced one year co-educational degree course is to impart training and skills necessary for knowledge organization including the effective organization and management of libraries/information centers and building capacities to provide a variety of information services by leveraging information technologies.

The course structure is as follows:


  1. Library, Information and Society
  2. Organizing and Managing Information: Classification (Theory)
  3. Information Sources, Systems and Services
  4. ICT Fundamentals
  5. Document Processing: Classification Practice


1.Management of Library and Information Centre

  1. Organizing and Managing Information: Cataloguing (Theory)
  2. ICT in Libraries
  3. Document Processing: Cataloguing Practice

5.ICT in Libraries (Practical)

  1. Communication Skills

The students who pass out from this programme may take up employment in libraries, documentation centers and information centers/institutions, corporate and industrial libraries, libraries of research institutes.  They may also take up further studies in Library and Information Science and in related or multidisciplinary areas.

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