Admission Open for Session 2024-25

Admission Open for Session 2024-25

B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

At BFA First Year, the structure is as follows: 

(i) Indian Languages (IL)

Semester lHindi/Sanskrit
Semester II
Advanced Hindi/Advanced Sanskrit
(Any one, as per the option chosen in semester I)

(ii) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course 

Semester I
English Communication
Semester II
Our Environment

(iii) Core courses as prescribed in the syllabus

(iv) NSS/NCC/Sports/Cultural Activities (Any one)

(v) Career Oriented and Skill Development Programme (Any one)

(vi) Campus Activities

B.F.A. Second/Third/Fourth Year

The structure is as follows :

(i) Specialisation (any one) Semester III to VIII

VA02Applied Art

(ii) NSS/NCC/Sports/Cultural Activities (Any one; optional)

(iii) Certificate (COSD) (Any one; optional-other than the one opted for and cleared in the First Year.

(iv) Diploma and Advanced Diploma (COSD) (Any one; optional-subject to clearing the Certificate / Diploma exam at the previous level)

(v) Campus Activities

BFA Course Overview: IIS Deemed to be University

Want to turn your passion for creativity into a profession? 

Choose Fine Arts.

Due to the availability of innumerable subject-options for higher studies after Senior Secondary these days, students look for graduation degrees that can transform their avocation into vocation. A Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts is one such example that enables a person to acquire professional competence in something that a person loves to do out of passion and interest.

What is BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts)?

Bachelor in Fine Arts is a Four-Year Degree which offers specialization in various forms of fine arts. This four-year programme creates competence in the selected art form as required for the respective job prospects. 

There are a lot of specialization options available for any applicant for choosing BFA like painting, sculpture, graphic designing, illustrations, photography, applied arts, animation, pottery and ceramics, etc.

Objectives of BFA Course:

In the first year of the BFA course, the students are made aware of the basic know-how of all the subjects. 

From the second year onwards, they choose one of the arts and gain expertise in it through the entire programme. The programme aims at developing various skills in students like sketching, drawing, visualization, imagination, art, presentation, problem solving, communication etc. 

It makes the students learn to develop the ability to focus, observe the minutest details, sense the patterns, colours and textures, express the exact intentions or emotions and utilize the skills earned to turn the interests into profession.

Eligibility Criteria for BFA at IIS University:

Any one who has cleared XII with the minimum required percentage from a recognized board can take admission in BFA for this course. The other eligibility criteria may vary with each University or college. Although, some Universities and Colleges grant admission on the basis of entrance exams like UPSEE, BHU, DUET etc. There can be other eligibility terms and conditions in every University, which every applicant should thoroughly go through in the respective prospectus before applying.

BFA Entrance Exams Highlights and Syllabus:

BFA admissions are mostly based on creative aptitude but some Universities conduct entrance exams before giving admission to the students. These exams aim at testing the knowledge of the aspirants about general awareness about drawing, designing, painting, reasoning, quantitative ability, creative skills, visual communication etc.

Course Curriculum for BFA:

In the 1st Year, students study all the specialization disciplines to be in a position to choose among the options in second year.

In the 2nd Year, the students opt for any one of applied arts, painting and sculpture. Through the theory and practical knowledge imparting methods, students gain expertise in their selected area.

BFA Course Fees:

Fees for the four-year BFA course generally revolves around Rs. 60000 – 80000/- annually. The total amount may vary with each institution, though.

Career Opportunities and Top Recruiters for BFA Degree Holders:

What is MFA (Masters in Fine Arts)? –  MFA is a two-year post-graduation course enables a student to acquire specific research acumen and knowledge in Fine Arts. After completing the course, the students are well-prepared to step into the professional world of their choice. After BFA or MFA, students are competent enough to become a Musician, Photographer, Art Director, Fine Artist, Art Teacher, Coin Relief Designer, Content Writer, Educator, Exhibition Curator, Forensic Science Field Officer, Freelance artist, Graphic designer, Illustrator, Visual Designer, Cartoonist, Theatre Artist, Actor or Actress, Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Animation Expert, Muralist, Package Designer, Prop Designer, Set Designer, Visualizer etc. Though, one who steps into the professional world is more ready to face the challenges and perform the best.

Know more about MFA at IIS University.

BFA, MFA, Career Oriented, Skill Development Courses and Ph.D. @IIS University

IIS University is the best University in Jaipur today for a degree in BFA, MFA or PhD. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at IIS University offers three specializations to the applicants: 

  1. Applied Arts, 
  2. Painting and 
  3. Sculpture. 

It also offers MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree in Applied Arts (Graphic Design/ Illustration), Painting and Sculpture (Creative/ Portraiture). 

Students can enrol themselves for PhD in Fine Arts too to specialize in Applied Arts, Drawing and Painting, History of Art, Sketching and Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture etc. 

Faculty members @IISU with an experience of at least 10-25 years and specialized expertise in the available forms of art make these courses and degrees worthy and valuable. Classrooms dedicated to the respective forms of art provide a focused environment to the students to learn the skills imparted.

BFA at IIS University:

In the first year, the students learn about all the subjects and branches of fine arts to establish a connection with the discipline, its history, types, relevance and future prospects. In the second year, the students choose one area of specialization which they study till their fourth year. 

During this tenure, the students participate in various assignments, event organizations, designing tasks, exhibitions and workshops to get a hands-on experience of practical use of the knowledge gained.

MFA at IIS University:

Masters in Fine Arts is a two-year Post-Graduation Degree course offering specialization in Applied Arts (Graphic Design/ Illustration), Painting and Sculpture (Creative/ Portraiture). The students are also prepared towards research work in their fields through seminars in the previous year and dissertation in the final year. 

PhD in Fine Arts at IIS University:

PhD in Fine Arts is also an option for students who complete their MFA with the required minimum percentage. Applicants can choose to specialize in Applied Arts, Drawing and Painting, History of Art, Sketching and Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture etc.

Career Oriented and Skill Development Programs at IIS University:

IIS University offers Certificate Course in Visual Arts, Certificate Course in Still Photography, Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Applied Arts, Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking and Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Still Photography. 

Students who have not taken admission to a regular degree of IIS University can also enrol themselves in these career-oriented courses to add on to their curriculum vitae.

Course Objectives:

These programmes aim at developing various skills in students like sketching, drawing, visualization, imagination, art ideation, presentation, problem solving, communication etc. 

They also inculcate in students an understanding of the relation between art and society. They help the budding artist in the students to find a way to bloom and flourish. They make the students learn to develop the ability to focus, observe the minutest details, sense the patterns, colours and textures, express the exact intentions or emotions and utilize the skills earned to turn the interests into profession. 

They help the students master the use of colours, their combinations and hues, space concepts and lines. These courses teach students to work with a variety of media and criticize, evaluate and explain the works of art. They produce a portfolio of work that reflects the ability to communicate effectively in visual form.

After completing their BFA, MFA or PhD degrees or COSD courses from IIS University, students can turn any of the following avocations into their vocations: Advertisements of all visual types, book and magazine illustrations, aerial and landscape photography, architecture photography, event photography, creative photography, fashion photography, photo editing, videography, post-production,  logo designing, computer graphics, merchandize designing and object art, print making, creative painting, abstract painting, digital painting, figurative compositions, life study, landscape compositions, web designing, sculpture, ceramic design, composition in clay, figure study, metal casting, pottery, stone carving, wood carving, murals, new media art, mix media, portraits, sketching, still life etc.

The students get hands-on experience through assignments, exhibitions in annual events like ABHIVYAKTI, stage designing, prop designing, event managing, banner and flax designing etc tasks. The courses introduce the students to the history of Indian, Pre-Modern, Modern, European and Western Art. They also learn portrait painting, clay modelling, art criticism, geometry and perspectives, mould making and casting, metal art, art gallery management, architectural drawing, 3D Designing, aesthetics etc.

The Campus and its facilities of IIS University are very favourable for a creativity lover to practice, perform and hone their talent. BFA degree runs for four years and MFA keeps a student focused for two years to turn them into successful artists. 

The eligibility criterion is that an applicant should have cleared the Senior Secondary Exam from a recognized board. 

The fee for BFA at IIS University ranges between Rs. 63400 – 72700/- annually. For MFA, a student has to pay approximately Rs. 65500/- and for PhD., the fee is Rs. 73000/- per annum.





Rs. 63400 – 72700/- annually


Rs. 65500/- annually


Rs. 73000/- annually


The graduates and post-graduates in Fine Arts of IIS University can apply for various posts as per their specialization in Microsoft Corporation, AAPC, Cognizant, Lowe Lintas, Balaji Telefilms, Robosoft Technologies, Universal Arts Limited, Universities and Colleges offering Programs in Fine Arts, Iris Mediaworks etc.

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