Admission Open for Session 2024-25

Admission Open for Session 2024-25

M.B.A. (Advertising & Brand Management)

MAM01 MBA (Advertising & Brand Management)

The programme aims to develop skills like copyrighting, visualisation, graphic designing, etc. which are essential to succeed in the advertising industry. Furthermore, the programme broadens the students’ knowledge through critical thinking, analysis and corporate training enabling them to respond to the increasing demands and changes taking place in this dynamic field.

The Department of Advertising & Brand Management was established in the year 2002. Advertising & Brand Management is a job-oriented course, specially designed for those students who intend to do something creative in the field of Marketing (Advertising & Branding).

It will help them in understanding the important aspects of advertising & branding and will teach them practical applications of these subjects in the corporate world. Professional prospects of the course: Advertising is considered as one of the important tools of marketing communications & Branding has become inevitable in marketing strategy of any organization.

Thus, this course will open new vistas for students in the field of advertising & branding. The course will hone their skills and they will become “Ready-To-Do-Job” just after the completion of their graduation.

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